Spacer Bar Accessories 2 Procedures - 2 Products

We offer two different product types for two different processing techniques of Spacer Bars. To cut and stuck your spacer, you need our corner key. For a bending process you choose our straight connector. Both processes require different demands.

Requirements for the Cut-Stuck-Procedure:

When you stuck spacers, it's important that the spacer is fully sealed by the corner key, otherwise the molecular sieve can get inside the gas filled cavity. Many corner key producers simply fail to see that especially plastic spacers produce a burr or a fine plastic dust during the cutting process. To prevent this from getting inside the gas filled cavity, we invented special corner key feathers, which brush this burr back inside the spacer. Convince yourself of our new Swisspacer and Multitech corner keys. All can be ordered with butyl.

Requirements for the Bending Procedure:

There are even more requirements to our connectors within the bending process. Besides the sealing of the spacer, it's important to ensure a percolation of the molecular sieve through the spacers cavity. This can be problematic especially with smaller spacer widths. To optimized the percolation, we invented the worldwide first straight connector with feathers on only one side. On top of this, our connectors come with our worldwide unique advance frame-closing system, which guarantee a gap free frame.

General Requirements:

Next to specific requirements for different procedures, our accessories fulfill all general requirements for proper connection. You can be sure that you won't hurt yourself with our connectors - like you possibly would if you use steel connectors. Furthermore we guarantee that our connectors, based on their special designed feather concept, will always stuck tightly inside the profile, even when you buy them pre-inserted.

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