The Petry Profile: plaster-finishing profile for windowsills
Easy and clean plastering of windowsills


• Decoupling of windowsill and plaster

• Easy and precise plastering with a clear plaster edge

• Humidity protection for the plaster edge

• Long-lasting and clean result

• Suitable for aluminium and stone windowsills

• Inside and outside windowsills

• Variable windowsill thickness up to 50 mm

• Compatible to all thermal insulation systems and all plaster types

• New buildings and buidling refurbishment / renovation

• According to standards and guidelines

• Patented

Manufacturing, sales and consulting:

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ArticleDocumentsOrder No.Sales unit
Plaster-finishing profile (outside) Technical data sheet8729991 Pair (left/right)
Plaster-finishing profile (inside) Technical data sheet8729981 Pair (left/right)

Awarded Innovation – recently with the Bavarian State Prize 2022

At the International Crafts Fair in Munich in July 2022, the inventor, master plasterer Stefan Petry, impressed the jury with his special plaster-finishing profiles for windowsills, which enable windowsills to be plastered easily indoors and outdoors.

The profiles decouple the plaster from the windowsill so that it can move freely in the event of thermal expansion, freezing water or mechanical stress without the plaster being damaged or cracking.

The profiles are installed on the right and left of the windowsill exactly where the plaster will later end. In the outdoor area, the precisely fitted profile is sloping so that the water can drain off. In this way, no more water can penetrate into the plaster in the area of the windowsill. This rules out any consequential damage in the area of the plastered reveal.