Vienna Bar Technoform©

Here you find an overview of our accessories for Technoform© - Vienna Bars.



Permaflex Cross

Product Order No. Sale Unit
Permaflex Cross 21,5x9,5 PFK21595 500
Permaflex Cross 25,5x9,5 PFK25595 500
Permaflex Cross 31,5x9,5 PFK31595 500


Product Order No. Sale Unit
T-Connector 21,5x9,5 TV21X9 500
T-Connector 25,5x9,5 TV25X9 500
T-Connector 31,5x9,5 TV31X9 500

Model Plastic Stoper

Product Order No. Sale Unit
MuL 21,5 x 9,5 ME21595 1.000
MuL 25,5 x 9,5 ME25595 1.000
MuL 31,5 x 9,5 ME31595 1.000
Shoot in diagonally cut Vienna Bar without wood and without glue!