Georgian Bar Manufacture W. Schmitz – Your Partner in Georgian Bars

It is very hard to have a rationalized Georgian Bar Manufacture, espacially if you only have 50-100 frames with grids a day. You probably have a lot of lager costs, and need to be very flexible with your workers. Is it really still worth doing it by yourself? With us on your side you will have a reliable partner.

Georgian Bar Manufacture

More than 20 years we are manufacturing Georgian Bars and can provide a tailor made concept to your requirements. We process all common Georgian Bar and Spacer Bar types and we can powder coat or foil coat them for you. The Georgian Bar grids can be delivered screwed or shot inside the frame, without a Spacer Bar frame or, if you want to assemble it by yourself, only being cut, milled and mounted with plastic connectors. All in all we guarantee you short delivery times and highest quality - even when ordering small quantities.

Georgian Bar Models

Don't Bend yourself! Leave extravagant Georgian Bar models on us! Only we are able to bend really every spacer to a circular arch. Don't hesitate to make special requests. We will advise you kindly and for free.